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Mica Paper Products

Our company has gained name and fame in the domain of manufacturing, supplying and exporting Mica Paper Products. These papers boast of accurate composition and are free from the impurity. Moreover, these are widely used in the industries for several related applications.

Mica Paper

Mica Paper is manufactured from superior quality Mica Paper. Mica Paper being an artificial mica-based reconstituted product, it retains the essential heat resistivity and electrical characteristics of natural mica. It is cost effective and more homogeneous having greater consistency of thickness and uniformity of properties. Assorted configurations of bonding resins such as shellac, epoxy, alkyd, silicone, etc. And backing materials such as glass cloth, polyester film, polyester fleece, polyimide film, nomex paper, kapton film, etc. Mica Paper has proved itself as a highly reliable product in place of conventional insulating materials to attract considerable attention and great expectations both domestically and internationally. A number of mica paper products are widely utilized as key insulating materials.

Application: Efficiently applied as heat resistive insulating materials in the form of washers, separators and tubes.


  • Effectiveness
  • Accurate dimension
  • Long functional life

Mica Paper Plate

Are manufactured from mica paper bonded with heat resistant silicone resin consolidated under controlled heat and pressure to form rigid plates. In this process, the binder is completely cured. Characterized by excellent mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. It emits very little smoke at excessive temperatures. It provides uniform thickness and excellent punching capability.

Applications: Ideally used in heating elements for domestic and industrial electrical appliances. Custom built fabricated parts are also extensively used in many insulating and thermal enduring applications.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Accurate dimensions
  • Longer service life

Heater Mica Plate

Heater Mica Plate are ideally suitable as base, support and covering plates for heating elements. They are the versatile solution for a number of domestic and industrial applications. Made of high resistance Nickel-Chrome (NiCr) or Ferro-Chrome (FeCr) wire winded around Mica Paper Plate. It is available in all dimensions, patterns and designs in different voltage and wattage as per specifications. Mica insulated heating elements have established to be a reliable performer providing long, efficient and dependable service life because of apparent distinctive thermal and electrical properties.

Application : Most appropriately used for warming and heating applications in toasters, roasters, kettle, flat irons, hair dryers, popcorn makers, cookers, ovens, perculators, griddles, stoves and other electrical appliances/heaters. Also used in heating elements for strip heaters and band heaters where it is sheathed in stainless steel or brass or rust-resistant steel.


  • Reliable
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Accurate results

Mica Paper Tape

Matching with the customer's requirements, we are engaged in providing large array of Mica Paper Tape. The tapes are reinforced with several different backing materials on one side or both sides. Depending upon the percentage level of binder present, these tapes are termed "Resin Rich" or "Resin Poor". Under heat and pressure, the resins are cured to form protective covering and mechanical stability. Characterized by excellent thickness uniformity, good thermal properties high dielectric strength and high tensile strength.

Applications : Mica Paper Tape perform tremendous flexibility and taping capability. Used in fire proof cables and in the insulation of coils of large rotating machines such as motors, generators, alternators and transformers.


  • Low maintenance
  • Efficient working
  • Highly demanded

Silicone Rigid Mica Tube

The Silicone Rigid Mica Tube is a strong rigid tube, made by combining Muscovite (M) or Phlogopite (P) Mica Paper with a Silicone resin binder (inorganic) under specific heat and pressure. It has excellent physical strength, heat resistance, moisture resistance and electrical properties. It does not emit smoke or odour. Muscovite Mica Paper based material can be used at temperatures up to 600° C while Phlogopite Mica Paper based material at temperatures up to 800° C depending on the application. The product is IEC 60371-3-3 compliant.


  • Best grade materials
  • High performance
  • Most reasonable prices