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Micanite Products

Micanite is the name given to sheet material which is made up of fine mica lamellae, called Micanite Folium, bonded together by a variety of bonding agents such as Shellac, Epoxy, Alkyd or Silicone, in order to obtain particular characteristics for specific uses.

Tubes and Bushes ( Micanite )

We have perfected the ability to make tubes of the very highest quality from Micanite. Specially selected grades of Splittings are used for this purpose in order to ensure the possibility of being able to roll even the smallest diameter tubes. Micanite Tubes and Bushes are used extensively in a wide variety of electrical switchgear and control gear as well as in large variable resistances, brush holder assemblies and commutator.


  • Accurate composition
  • Accurate dimension
  • Widely demanded

Paper Mica Folium

We are the offering a wide range of Paper Mica Folium which is manufactured by us by using high grade material and advance technology. Paper Micafolium is a traditional insulating material having many applications for general purpose work and in particular for the insulation of bus bars. It is made by bonding clear Mica Splittings onto Electrical Kraft Paper by means of a Shellac bond.


  • Fine quality
  • Highly appreciated
  • Effective cost

Mica Tape Material

We are eminent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of wide range of Mica Tape Material. The offered product is manufactured by our engineers from quality material and using latest techniques. Mica Tape Material has always been an essential part of the insulation of large rotating machines. This situation still applies today though, for many applications, tapes made from Mica Splittings have been superseded by tapes made from Mica Paper. Splittings based tapes are still essential where a certain amount of flexibility is required as in end windings of turbine generators, high voltage cables, etc.


  • Best grade materials
  • Fine finish
  • Quality approved

Moulding Micanite Sheet

wing to years of experience and knowledge, we offer wide array of Moulding Micanite Sheet. Moulding Micanite Sheet with most prevalently natural shellac binder is used in decorative lampshades over many years. Natural shellac vary from orange to dark amber in colour. The combination of mica with contrasting colour intensity and tones of binding resins create a unique, random, lighting effect. These sheets can be mouldable into desired shape while hot.


  • Quality approved
  • Cost effective
  • Perfect finish

Heat Resistant Micanite

We are involved in offering wide range of Heat Resistant Micanite. Our product is highly demanded in the market for their effectiveness. Heat Resisting Micanite is made from high quality Mica Splittings with the Shellac bond being kept low. The material is made available from both Muscovite and Phlogopite Mica where the maximum working temperature are approximately 600° C and 900° C respectively.


  • Durable
  • Fine quality
  • Highly demanded